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Reading Group: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

animated by Elise Arnaud, Radu Horaud, Herve Jegou, Jakob Verbeek, and all the attenders

Recently, Chris Bishop published a book extensively covering the topics of pattern recognition and machine learning with a strong Bayesian flavor.

We plan to start a reading group that will meet twice a month. Each session will cover one chapter (there are 14 chapters).

The reading group is open to all researchers, engineers, posdocs, Phds, and students, independently of your level of expertise in the field.

Two or more readers are assigned to each chapter. The dates, locations and readers for each sessions are as follows.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Readers: Pierre Mahe, Radu Horaud
Date: Sep 13th 2007, 14H30
Location: F107

Chapter 2: Probability distributions

Readers: Cecile Amblard, Alexander Klaser, Jakob Verbeek
Date: Oct 11th 2007, 14H00-16H00
Location: C207

Chapter 3: Linear Models for Regression

Readers: Mathieu Guillaumin, Radu Horaud
Date: Oct 25th 2007, 15H30-17H30
Location: C207

Chapter 4: Linear Models for Classification

Readers: Florence Forbes, Diane Larlus
Date: Nov 8th 2007, 15H30
Location: C208

Chapter 5: Neural Networks

Readers: Vasil Khalidov, Miles Hansard
Date: Nov 22th 2007, 14H30
Location: Amphi 0

Chapter 6: Kernel Methods

Readers: Vasil Khalidov, Alexander Klaser
Date: Dec 13th 2007, 14H30
Location: F107

Chapter 7: Sparse Kernel Machines

Readers: Pierre Mahe, Marcin Marszalek
Date: Jan 10th 2008, 15H30
Location: Xerox Research Center

Chapter 8: Graphical Models

Readers: Radu Horaud, Ramya Narasimha, Jakob Verbeek
Date: Jan 24th 2008, 15H30 Date: Feb 7th 2008
Location: INRIA (Jan 24th), and Xerox (Feb 7th)

Chapter 9: Mixture Models and EM

Readers: Thomas, Jakob Verbeek
Date: Feb 21th 2008, 15H30
Location: INRIA, F107

Chapter 10: Approximate Inference

Readers: Florence Forbes, Ramya Narasimha, Kiran Varanasi
Date: Apr 21th 2008, 14H30
Location: INRIA, F107

Chapter 11: Sampling Methods

Readers: Elise Arnaud, Jakob Verbeek
Date: May 22th 2008, 14H00
Location: INRIA, F107

Chapter 12: Continuous Latent Variables

Readers: Caroline Bernard-Michel, Herve Jegou
Date: June 12th 2008

Chapter 13: Sequential Data

Readers: Morray Allan, Tingting Jiang
Slides 1/2 and slides 2/2
Date: June 26th 2008

Chapter 14: Combining Models

Date: July 10th 2008
Readers: Alexander Klaeser, Cecile Amblard (?)