ICCV 2003

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Information for Authors

The poster boards will be approximately 1.8 metres wide by 0.95 metres high. The official poster session is in the afternoon, but you should put your poster up first thing in the morning so that people can see it during the breaks.

Talks are 17 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions. At most 2 minutes is allowed for changing between speakers. Beyond this, any time spent setting up your computer will be subtracted from your talk.

Here is the list of accepted papers and the provisional program.

Proceedings: As usual, the ICCV 2003 proceedings will be published by the Computer Society Press. The deadline for the submission of final camera-ready papers for the proceedings is 18 July 2003. The format required is described in the kit that was sent to all authors by the Computer Society Press on 19 June 2003. The kit is also available here in gzipped tar and zip format.

All papers will receive 6 pages in the proceedings. Up to two additional pages can be purchased at a cost of 100 US dollars per page. This sum must be payed as part of one of the author's conference registrations (and yes, we will enforce this). The proceedings will not have colour pages.

A few people have asked about extensions for final paper submission. The 18 July deadline is fixed by production constraints and will not change. For individual papers, the official word from Bob Werner of the Computer Society Press (BWerner@computer.org) is that: `Extensions are handled on a case-by-case basis. Any author wishing to do this can contact me directly'. But you'll only get a few days, at most, and please don't bother Bob unless it's absolutely impossible for you to submit on time.

CD-ROM: We will also be producing a scratch CD-ROM containing all of the ICCV main conference papers, many of the workshop papers and course notes, and other supplementary materials. The CD-ROM will be distributed to all ICCV main conference, workshop and course participants, and most of it will also be made available on the web. Your main conference papers will be included automatically -- you don't have to send them again. This also holds for most of the workshops -- the workshop organizers will send instructions if necessary. The deadline for other additional materials for the CD-ROM will be about 7th September. Do not send anything yet -- we will send out detailed instructions later.

Travel grants: There will be a very limited number of travel grants to provide partial support for ICCV travel and expenses. Preference will be given to first authors who would in our judgement have difficulty funding the travel without additional support. Do not apply yet. Instructions for applying will be put on these web pages shortly.

For more information about submissions, the reviewing process, etc, please consult the ICCV 2003 submissions website in Tokyo.