Junior researcher at Inria - LEAR research group in Grenoble

Inria has recently introduced junior research positions with a duration of up to six years with competitive salaries. These research positions come with the possiblity to supervise PhDs and interns as well as to teach.

This research position is funded by the ERC Allegro. The general topic is weakly-supervised large-scale learning for visual recognition. Relevant areas include research in computer vision, i.e., how to learn and update structured visual models in a weakly supervised manner, how to represent actions in videos etc., as well as related problems in machine learning, as for example optimizing deep learning architectures and large-scale optimization.

Your profile:

Duration: up to 6 years
Start date: Any time, at the earliest in May 2015.
Location: Inria Grenoble, France. Grenoble lies in the French Alpes and offers ideal conditions for skiing, hiking, climbing etc.
Contact: Cordelia Schmid (Cordelia.Schmid@inria.fr)

Please send applications via email, including: