Alexander Kläser

Action recognition with feature trajectories

In general, feature detectors for action recognition are based on spatio-temporal saliency criteria to detect interesting 3D positions in video. As a more intuitive approach to videos, we propose in this work a local feature representation for video sequences based on feature trajectories. In contrast to spatio-temporal interest points, feature trajectories allow for a more adapted representation and are able to benefit from the rich motion information captured by the trajectories.

This is on-going work in collaboration with Heng Wang. Below the results that we are currently able to obtain. Our descriptor based on feature trajectories combines four different descriptors: one for the shape of the trajectory, another one based on Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG), Histograms of Optical Flow (HOF), and Motion Boundary Histograms (MBH).

KTH YouTube Hollywood2
Our approach 94.2% 79.8 52.5
Harris3D + HOG/HOF [Laptev'08] 92.0% 68.7% 47.3%
State-of-the-art 94.5%

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