INRIA's Fisher vector implementation

What is this?

This is a Matlab implementation of the Fisher processing chain used in It is INRIA's implementation, as opposed to that of Xerox, which is closed-source.

How to use

You will need:

On 64-bit Linux, if everything works well, the following steps should be enough:
tar xvzf inria_fisher_v1.tgz
cd inria_fisher_v1
tar xvzf inria_fisher_data_v1.tgz
tar xzf siftgeo.tar.gz
mkdir -p yael/matlab
cd yael/matlab
tar xvzf yael_matlab_linux64_v277.tar.gz 
cd ../..
Then run test_fisher in Matlab. This computes Fisher descriptors (k=64) for the Holidays dataset (from the local descriptors in siftgeo/). Then it performs exact NN-searches with the L2 distance on the Holidays query images. After about 10 minutes, it should display:
Fisher k=64                     4096D   mAP = 0.599
Fisher + PCA (D'=128)            128D   mAP = 0.561
These numbers correspond to the 59.5 and 56.5 figures in Table I of the PAMI paper (the implementation is not exactly the same).

The PQ compression is not implemented in this version. GMM learning is implemented in Yael but not interfaced in Matlab. Dense descriptors local are implemented in compute_descriptors (-dense option) but no corresponding GMM is provided yet. You may be interested in this package, that also implements compression with PQ codes (on different descriptors).

What to cite

If you use the package in a publication, please cite
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Contact, license

If the package does not work, you may complain to
matthijs dot douze at inria dot fr.
It is licensed under Cecill, similar to the GPL. Please note that some techniques (eg. SIFT and Fisher) may be covered by non-INRIA software patents.

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