Masked Fisher Detector

What is this?

This is code for object detection on images. The method is described in the paper
  AUTHOR = {Cinbis, Ramazan Gokberk and Verbeek, Jakob and Schmid, Cordelia}, 
  TITLE = {{Segmentation Driven Object Detection with Fisher Vectors}}, 
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The paper is available here. It is applied by default on the Pascal VOC detection challenge.

How to use

Download the package here: maskfishdet-1.5.tgz, and start reading the README.

The code works on data from the Pascal dataset, re-packaged here: maskfishdet_1.1_data.tgz.

You will need a powerful Linux machine with a lot of RAM and disk space, and a Matlab license.

Found masks

Input image
A segment from UVA
Our mask
application of mask

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