Julien Mairal - Books

I published two monographs, also edited as books by the collections Foundations and Trends in … The books can be ordered at the Publisher website, but can be also be obtained at the main computer vision and machine learning conferences (usually at a much cheaper price). Otherwise, the pdfs of the books are freely available below.

Sparse Modeling for Image and Vision Processing


J. Mairal, F. Bach and J. Ponce.
Sparse Modeling for Image and Vision Processing.
Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision. volume 8(2-3), pages 85–283, 2014

Optimization with Sparsity-Inducing Penalties


F. Bach, R. Jenatton, J. Mairal and G. Obozinski.
Optimization with Sparsity-Inducing Penalties.
Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning, 4(1), pages 1–106, 2012