International Workshop on Multimedia Technologies

in E-Learning and Collaboration



Introduction to the Workshop

Workshop Committee

Session I: Multimedia Meeting Capture:

Capturing Interactions in Meetings with Omnidirectional Cameras

        Rainer Stiefelhagen, Xilin Chen, Jie Yang

A Mixed-State I-Particle Filter for Multi-Camera Speaker Tracking

        Daniel Gatica-Perez. Guillaume Lathoud, Iain McCowan,  Jean-Marc Odobez

Self Localization of Acoustic Sensors and Actuators on Distributed Platforms

        Vikas Raykar, Igor Kozintsev, Rainer Lienhart


Session II: Panel Discussion

       Zhengyou Zhang (chair),James Crowley,Jean-Luc Dugelay,Francis Quek, Rahul Sukthankar,Vladimir Uskov


Session III: Group Collaboration

Gesture Recognition for Remote Collaborative Physical Tasks Using Tablet PCs

        Jiazhi Ou, Xilin Chen, Jie Yang

Seamless Integration of Group Communication into an Adaptive Online Exercise System

       Hans Christian Liebig, Woflgang Effelsberg

Intelligent Headsets for Supporting Digital Lecture Halls

        Christoph Trompler, Erwin Aitenbitchler, Guido Robling


Session IV: E-Learning Technologies

Searching Learning Objects from Virtual Universities

        Juha Puustjarvi, Paivi Poyry

Tailoring Learning Management Systems and Learning Contents for the SCORM Model

        Xin Xiang, Ling Guo, Yuanchun Shi

Stepping-in Presentation

    Akinnori Yoshino, Hiroshi Mitshumata, Kenji Miyamoto