HLK 2003 Workshop

2003 IEEE First International Workshop on
Higher-Level Knowledge in 3D Modeling & Motion Analysis

Nice, October 17 2003 (in conjunction with ICCV 2003)

Invited Speakers: Song-Chun Zhu, Camillo J. Taylor

List of Papers:

Curzio Basso, Volker Blanz, Thomas Vetter

Regularized 3D Morphable Models

Feng Han and Song-Chun Zhu

Bayesian Reconstruction of 3D Shapes and Scenes From A Single Image
Movies: ColorGrassMovie.avi, GrassGrowMovie.avi, GreyGrassMovie.avi, PolyhedraMovie.avi, TreeMovie.avi

Kun Huang, Wei Hong and Yi Ma

Symmetry-Based Photo Editing

Slobodan Ilic and Pascal Fua

Generic Deformable Implicit Mesh Models for Automated Reconstruction

Michael Kaess and Frank Dellaert

Reconstruction of Objects with Jagged Edges through Rao-Blackwellized Fitting of Piecewise Smooth Subdivision Curves

Kongbin Kang

A Unified Linear Fitting Approach for Singular and Non-Singular 3D Quadrics from Occluding Contours

Sung Chun Lee and Ram Nevatia

Interactive 3D Building Modeling Using a Hierarchical Representation

Gareth Loy, Stefan Carlsson and Josephine Sullivan

Pose-Based Clustering in Action Sequences

Konrad Schindler and Joachim Bauer

A Model-Based Method for Building Reconstruction

Wei Zhang and Jana Kosecka

Extraction, matching and pose recovery based on dominant rectangular structures

Organizing committee:

Program committee: Stefan Carlsson, Andrew Fitzgibbon, David Forsyth, Richard Hartley, Michael Isard, Marc Pollefeys, Jim Rehg, Rick Szeliski, Bill Triggs, Matthew Turk, Song Chun Zhu, Andrew Zisserman