The IEEE Workshop on Color and Photometric Methods
in Computer Vision

Sunday 12 October

Opening   9:00-9:15

Session 1

1. Convex Programming Color Constancy
    G.D. Finlayson and R.Xu

2. On the Interaction between object recognition and colour constancy
    Stepan Obdrzalek, Jiri Matas, Ondrej Chum

3. Color-Shape Context for Object Recognition
    Aristeidis Diplaros, Theo Gevers, Ioannis Patras
Coffee Break   10:45-11:00
Session 2
1. Reflection Components Separation based on Chromaticity and Noise Analysis
    Robby T. Tan, Ko Nishino, Katsushi Ikeuchi

2. Recovery of Chromaticity Image Free from Shadows via Illumination Invariance
    Mark S. Drew, Graham D. Finlayson, Steven D. Hordley
Lunch Break   12:00-14:00
Session 3
1. Interactive Deweathering of an Image using Physical Models
    Srinivasa G. Narasimhan, Shree K. Nayar

2. Surface Registration with a Helmholtz Reciprocity Image Pair
    Peter Tu, Paulo R. S. Mendonca, James Ross, James Miller
Break   15:00-15:15
Session 4
1. Multiple Directional Illuminant Estimation from a Single Image
    Yang Wang, Dimitris Samaras

2. Estimating Chromaticity of Multicolored Illuminations
    Robby T. Tan, Katsushi Ikeuchi
Coffee Break   16:15-16:30
Session 5
1. High Dynamic Range from Multiple Images: Which Exposures to Combine?
    Michael D. Grossberg and Shree K. Nayar

2. Color Super Resolution from a Single-CCD
    Tomomasa Gotoh, Masatoshi Okutomi

3. Image Specific Color Representation
    Ido Omer and Michael Weman